About Justin Langford

The day I bought my first digital SLR, a Nikon D80, my life changed. I discovered a new world of control and creativity. 
I started taking photos with a compact film camera in my early teens, and occasionally borrowing my father's film SLR or compact digital. 

I kicked off selling landscape prints at the Newcastle Farmers Markets, and in 2006 I scored an awesome job at NDF Camera House, where I have been ever since. This has been a great learning opportunity, giving me access to a whole range of equipment and the chance to meet fellow photographers. I now run a kit of Canon full frame cameras and an assortment of lenses. 



Commercial Photography

Attract visitors to your webpage or visualize your identity with creative, quality images for your printed brochures, catalogues, packaging, magazine or website advertisements. Just Click Photography specializes in interior and exterior architectural photography, food, products and portraits.


I have been very privileged to be trained and guided by a number of well known Newcastle photographers  over the last few years. 

Practically my entire wedding portfolio has been taken while working on behalf of, or for other photographers as either a main or second shooter around Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. This has given me invaluable training and experience. 

Due to copyright I am unable to display them on my website however if you would like to take a look, I will happily show you in person :) 


My work is done using my own equipment, however working at NDF Camera House I am in the unique position to try out different lenses etc. For interest sake, I have listed the equipment used to take some of the photos.

All landscape photos are for sale, as photos, canvas or framed prints. Contact me for details.

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